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Off on a ski trip for a week.

Have queued up some posts and will check in from time to time and reblog stuff but flow of posts will be down significantly this week

Paul Higgins

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DESIGN: The Pocket Printer by Zuta Labs

The Zuta Labs’ pocket printer has apparently made mobile printing a dream come true.

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The UK parliamentary farce over #DRIP showed us that, more than any other industry, the political machine is in dire need of disruption.

In my latest Guardian column, How the Kickstarter model could transform UK elections, I suggest that the way that minority politicians could overcome…

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One of the best things about making software for consumers is the complete lack of gatekeeper risk (unless of course you consider net neutrality issues but let’s leave that aside for time being. You already know how i feel about that )

Make great software and the end user can decide if they want…

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Diversity in top editorial spots is nearly non-existent. 

Introduction by Manjula Martin, Data visualization and research by Vijith Assar, Interactive Graphic: Diversity in Journalism - Scratch Magazine

As it turns out, there isn’t really enough data to make an interactive graphic about diversity among top newsroom editorial positions that doesn’t make you have to squint to see the racial breakdown in the first place—because there isn’t really any racial diversity at all. The results are barely improved when it comes to gender. Any way you click it, of the 183 top editors of mainstream English-language media outlets Assar counted here, one is a black man. Nine are white women (and two of them are Tina Brown). Parity ticks slightly upward after the 1980s. But that’s it.

All in all, this chart covers approximately 1500 combined “man-years” of top editorial positions (and that’s not a gender-neutral pronoun). Of those years, ~1486 were led by men and ~36 were led by women. All were led by white people except for the months since Dean Baquet, who is African American, took over the New York Times in May 2014.

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A large-scale, rigorous study published in the Lancet found that the go-to, front-line treatment for back pain was no better than a placebo.

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Flying cars are almost here at last, and their first stop is Tel Aviv
SkyTran CEO Jerry Sanders says his new elevated transit system is going to transform transportation.

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If you prefer beautiful routes over short ones, GPS mapping algorithms are of little use. But Yahoo researchers have come up with an approach that could change that.

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