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Are Farmbots the Future of Agriculture? Lots of people think that farming has gotten too industrialized. But there are others who believe it’s not nearly industrialized enough—such as the Iowa inventor who envisions armies of robots growing our food in the future.

“Dourhout, who based his Prospero design in part on the swarming behaviors of insects, birds and fish, believes that robotic farming will help ramp up food production for a heavily populated planet. He “hopes the next step will be to create more advanced robots that can weed, fertilize and harvest the crop,” writes Eric Niller at Discovery News.

Via Utne Reader

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    Interesting, however, how do you still manage the monopoly of seeding such as Monosantos’s corporate greed? Perhaps...
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    And then there will only be lazy people….. this world is already full of people who can’t do things their self. So what...
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    İcine giren besinler sağlıklı mı?
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    Robots rock, but I see a disconnect here: Population is increasing so we need to get people OUT of farming and turn it...
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