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The Internet’s Population Doubled Over the Last Five Years

Royal Pingdom susses out some interesting trends about the world’s 2.27 billion Internet users:

  • Africa has gone from 34 million to 140 million, a 317% increase.
  • Asia has gone from 418 million to over 1 billion, a 143% increase.
  • Europe has gone from 322 million to 501 million, a 56% increase.
  • The Middle East has gone from 20 to 77 million, a 294% increase.
  • North America has gone from 233 to 273 million, a 17% increase.
  • Latin America (South & Central America) has gone from 110 to 236 million, a 114% increase.
  • Oceania (including Australia) has gone from 19 to 24 million, a 27% increase.

They also note that Asia’s Internet population is almost as large* the entire Internet population was in 2007.

*My original post stated that Asia’s Internet population was almost double, not almost as large. Thanks to Anna for catching that.

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