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At our firm, Spark Capital, we use a variety of enterprise web services for internal use.

We use Dropbox to share documents within the partnership. We share things like portfolio board presentations, financials, legal documents, investment history within the partnership. (we are testing Box.net…

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    the modern way of using IT.
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  6. stephenduke said: The consumerisation of the enterprise (SMEs anyway), is gaining traction. Think of BYOD and the opportunities it creates. I just made a big pivot to focus on SMEs by making some simple adjustments to our product (ie. Security, CMS).
  7. 111667 said: Great little roundup Bijan. Agree wholeheartedly. As much as I’m a fan of 37 Signals philosophy, I’m using Asana these days, and loving it.
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  9. falconieri said: What LDAP or directory do you use? Is it Active or a Linux based?
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