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Paul Higgins: Resonates with me. I am always surprised by people getting bored or cheesed off with air travel. To be sitting in a tube hurtling across the sky at 700kmh is a marvellous thing and we take it for granted.

GPS and the End of the Road, fantastic long read from The New Atlantis (via curiositycounts)

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It is by now an old idea in futurology, originating with Alvin Toffler, that modern man exists in a state of constant shock at the changing landscape of the technological world — akin to “culture shock,” but as ceaseless as the progress of technology. But we quickly become accustomed to, and adjust ourselves to, the technologies that increasingly form the fabric of our interaction with the world — and so their novelty rapidly fades. And then we find our experience of moving through the world is not one of perpetual awe and wonderment, but of boredom and restlessness.
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