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Bosses may have it all wrong when they assume that funny cat videos and FAIL slideshows are a drain on the workplace. Some new research finds that a moderate amount of mindless web surfing actually makes workers more productive at their jobs.

And the more mindless the surfing, the better.

“Employees who browse the web more end up being more engaged at work, so why fight that if it’s in moderation?” says Don J.Q. Chen, a researcher at the National University of Singapore and a co-author of the new report, presented Tuesday at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management.

» via The Huffington Post

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    Agreed. I’ve noticed a correlation between staff who surf the web a lot, and staff who are openminded, trying new...
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    Bosses may have it all wrong when they assume that funny cat videos and FAIL slideshows are a drain on the workplace....
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    surprising to know this came from singapore…
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    For my lady who checks her FB at work and feels unproductive: its okay.
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