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Paul Higgins: My response to some of the criticism of futurist Chris Sanderson in The Age last week :

Let me say first of all that a lot of the criticism thrown at futurists is the fault of futurists themselves. This is in part due to poor communication of what we do, and secondly by the jumped up self-promotion of some so-called futurists who purport to tell people what will happen. The first thing that I say to someone who comes to me and says “we would like a vision of what the future of X industry will look like in 10 years” is: the only thing that I will guarantee you is that it will be wrong. This seems like a strange thing for a futurist to say but ignoring reality as not really a business model that I would like to follow………

Full Story: National Times

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Great Interview with Futurist Ray Kurzweil

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