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For the last 3 days of last week it was my absolute pleasure and honour to be part of the Business Innovation Factory Conference (www.businessinnovationfactory.com/) in Providence, Rhode Island. BIF8 as it was called was fantastic collection of storytellers and innovator participants.

I have published some of my reflections over at our long form blog on the story tellers including some links to notes and videos and made the follwoing comment:

"Besides the absolute achievement of the presenters (sorry Saul - Storytellers) the other thing that was so powerful was the vulnerability and  openness. We are used to politicians, leaders, and conference presenters telling us how successful they are but rarely see the struggles and failures and crises of confidence that come with the journey.Not at BIF
It was hard not to feel continually inadequate in this company but a someone else said late in the process, everybody was feeling the same way. The challenge was to take that feeling and go and do some stuff that makes a difference”
I recommend going over there and having a read if you are interested in people, trying to innovate to change big social systems and solve social problems rather than inventing the next razor with 7 blades instead of 6:

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Start Up Street - What will you start up?

I absolutely love the ambition of this! It’s a very commendable example of using local skills, knowledge and assets to make something bigger!

Architecture+Design Scotland have launched ‘Start Up Street” in Stirling (Scotland), in response to an ideas workshop attended by the members of the local community, business owners and the Council, to examine how to generate sustainable economic activity and employment opportunities locally in Stirling.  

The ‘start up street’ in Stirling is a local street that currently has 7 empty shops. They plan to use the underutilised assets to set up a hub to explore creative solutions that could stimulate and develop local enterprise and economic activity and deliver positive outcomes. To set the ball rolling the video also gives some great examples of various projects that could be launched that focus on health and well-being.

The High Street is a key element of our settlements. Its role as the central space of villages, towns and cities has been challenged by changes in the pattern of retail, of leisure, and living. In many High Streets in many settlements there are vacant and underutilised assets. In some cases the High Street is under pressure. It is an issue of concern for many, from businesses, to citizens, to investors.

Meeting the challenge of how to re-think the High Street as a central place requires creative thinking about how we make the best of what we already have. The communities in Stirling City Centre recently participated in a co-design exercise to re-think the centre of the City. The Urban Ideas Bakerybrought together citizens, officers of the Council, businesses and other stakeholders to look at how the people resources of the city and the spatial resources might be managed differently. Out of this thinking emerged an idea to re-consider King Street as a ‘start up street’, which enables business start ups, scaling of small business and curating events and activities in the public space. The proposal is to explore how people with ideas, talents and capabilities in the city can be matched with the available spaces in the city, supported by a community of interest. This idea is being tested in a prototype phase to engage a wide range of interests in exploring how the idea works, what is feasible, what is not. The objective is to use this practical method of testing the idea to develop a live project, to start small and build up a sustainable, self supporting enterprise.

The project is open to anyone with an interest in High Streets, how they work, and how they can be enhanced. This short video explains the thinking behind ‘Start Up Street’, whats involved and how you can get involved.

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The first rule of community management: Praise publicly, criticize privately.